Our School

Please visit our website regularly to read about how the development of the school is proceeding.

Welcome to St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School! Students and families new to our community and school discover in a short time, that we are a Catholic learning community dedicated to ensuring success for all children. We strive to bring numerous meaningful learning opportunities, which enhance academic, spiritual and social growth.

It is my pleasure and privilege to welcome you to our new school’s website. Although our website is still in the initial stages of development, we believe the information posted thus far will be helpful in keeping you informed regarding important school information and various upcoming activities and events. We will continue to build upon our site, and hope that the information will be of value to you and your family.

We believe Catholic education is an extended expression of the mission entrusted by Jesus to the church. The education of our children is a shared responsibility, an interdependent partnership between schools, students, their families, the church and members of the community. A quality Catholic education supports and enriches the development of our children to their fullest potential, truly living our faith and becoming positive contributors to the community.

Students: learning is not a passive activity. In order for you to develop to your fullest potential, you must take responsibility and an active role in your learning. I encourage you set specific goals for yourself, and then strive to achieve them. We expect you to attend school regularly and to do your best every day, to complete your homework and long term assignments on time, and to seek assistance when you need it. We also encourage you to get involved in the many wonderful co-curricular activities offered to you as students. To assist you with this, the school staff and the Catholic School Council strongly supports the use of our school agenda. Your teachers will instruct you on how to use this agenda to plan your work. If you use your agenda consistently, it will help you to become an organized and effective learner – one that balances all the best this school has to offer, and all the best you have to offer our learning community.

The formation of a Catholic school community offers all the partners an opportunity to join together in a collaborative effort. We insist that all members of our school community treat each other with respect and consideration. Acknowledging and utilizing the many gifts, talents and expertise each of us brings, strengthens the home/school/church partnership and contribution to Catholic education.

Jesus said to His disciples:

“For I know the plans that I have for you”, declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a future and a hope.”
Jeremiah 29:11